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The FW 17 season I devoted to the woman, sexuality and the growing inner strength that comes with age. I looked at Beyonce and Rihanna, who enjoy being women, not playing girls, and imagining how the style of the Yasya Minochkina brand could work for them. The main part of the collection is, of course, dresses: they will inspire a woman and make her stronger and more confident, especially in managing her life and rights. I tried to translate this pure message that comes from two divas into elegant and sexy clothes at the same time. Provocative images of women of two great photographers of the 20th century, Horst Pi, Horst and Halmut Newton, created the mood of the season: sensual and seductive. From here – an abundance of open shoulders, transparent and deep smooth cuts. The color palette came from a rather unusual source of inspiration. I showed my daughter favorite places in Paris, the Opera Garnier and the Paris Zoo. In the first, they watched Robert Karsen’s The Magic Flute, and in the latter they saw the most beautiful peacocks. My daughter could not take her eyes off the opera costumes in purple tones and iridescent feathers and said that we must transfer them to my new collection. From here came the color scheme and the idea of ​​fabric with embroidery in the form of peacock feathers (use traditional feathers – boring, isn’t it?).

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