Hello, I am Kateryna Kritskaya, the founder of Matiere79.

Matiere79 is a jewelry boutique in Odessa with carefully selected jewelry from independent designers from around the world.

Like many women, I have always been passionate about fashion in general and jewelry in particular. But I had no idea that the jewelry business would become a matter of my life.

For a long time, I lived in Canada during my university studies in Arts & Business. I seriously intended to apply my knowledge in the family business related to natural stones in architecture and interior design. That is why I often traveled in search of natural stones: marble, onyx and other natural materials.

On one of these business trips, I accidentally visited an exhibition of jewelry in India. This is where the history of Matiere79 and its own business started.

After the exhibition, the idea to start doing rare jewelry with a bright character appeared spontaneously but developed quite organically. I decided to try it and since then I cannot stop. The search for talented designers all over the world was a kind of quest for me, which first resonated with friends and then with other jewelry lovers.

I am not only attracted by jewelry: I spend a lot of time searching for Matiere79 jewelry. Often these are more daring, fresh, and democratic combinations of shapes than the classic models of famous jewelry houses.