Forbes: Yasya Minochkina And The Timeless Allure Of Femininity

Cultural definitions evolve with the times. Fashion has been the arbiter of beauty since Renaissance. Within the last century the focus of high fashion has shifted from upholding elite power status to championing the power of all women. Coco Chanel and Christian Dior gave post-war ideas their own silhouette. Calvin Klein and Donna Karan reinvented the language of style to speak new social truths. Maria Grazia Chiuri has best captured contemporary mission of fashion in her slogan: “We should all be the feminists.” This means encouraging women to design and wear whatever they want. Popularity and economic impact of athleisure and sport-chic are skyrocketing. Pant suits rule the runways. There is another market category experiencing a major revival: A vision of femininity and elegance that has been celebrated in popular culture for centuries. The 21st century Princess has a new wardrobe.