Forbes: Yasya Minochkina's Luxury Fashion Transcends Cultures And Conflicts

Strong creative tensions can produce truly phenomenal results… Meet Yasya Minochkina. With nearly 40 stores carrying her designs in nearly a dozen countries, and a private appointment-only atelier in Beaulieu sur Mer on the famed Cote D’Azur, this Ukraine-born designer has quietly conquered the Eastern European “it-girl” niche. At a time when the post-Soviet fashion scene was divided between minimalist monochrome and the gaudy gold of the nouveau riche, her bright floral aesthetic struck a winning style chord.

In less than a decade, she has amassed a loyal following that spans generations within families on both sides of the smoldering international conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Over the past few seasons, Minochkina has assumed the unofficial role of a rising 'fashion diplomat,' showcasing her collections during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, in hopes to bridge the growing divide between two countries. Politics aside, how does one become a new household name in the Eastern European market obsessed with luxury heritage brands?! I spoke with Minochkina in Monaco, where she now lives and works. That morning she was reviewing plans for her flagman store opening next year in the heart of Moscow.